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Change "catagories.php" to restrict # of items dis


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I'm having problems editing my categories/products because of large numbers of products in a single category. Everytime the products display gets redrawn, there are a couple of hundred database queries, and in order to select a product to edit/move or whatever requires several display redraw cycles.


"manufacturers.php" shows only a certain number of manufacturers per page (based on MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS) and gives a navigation aid to move from page to page.


I've located the code that does this in "manufacturers.php", but I've not had any luck modifying the code in "categories.php" to add the same function. It looks to me like a wrapper around the database query that limits the display results, provides the index into the display results, and supplies the navigation aid.


I would like to figure out how to modify "categories.php" with the same sort of display wrapper.


I suspect I'm not the first person to run into this sort of problem - does anyone have any advice, or, better yet, a solution? :wink:

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i'm kinda lost but have you tried going to admin then to configure then product listing?


It's not in the display of products to the customer, its the display of products in the admin panel - this is done by "categories.php". I don't believe there is any setting in the admin panel that enables this.

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