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Live Shop / CVS


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OK- as a relative newbie who diddled with RH Interchange for a while (loved it, but *way* more than I need) I have fallen in love with OSC- and I'm diddleing with it to customize it to my needs.

The question- 2.2 seems to be the version which most people use (and it is the version preinstalled via fantastico/CPanel by my host)- but do people actually use the CVS/ daily snapshot with a live shop? Or do you have a test setup to get the bugs ironed out?



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There arnt really many bugs.

It will work straight from install to a good degree.

Maybe the odd bug will appear but chances are you wont see one for a long time if ever, as long as you are careful when you add bits here and there.


For me it ran like a dream for months, then i got the moddin bug, and now i cant stop. And that is where my problems start, cos it is me that buggers it up and not OSC itself.



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