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2.2 Question: Taxable/Nontaxable field in customers table


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To accomodate in-state B2B sales, I added a 'Taxable' field to the customers table. It defaults to "1" and I change it if necessary using admin.


Problem: I am able to have ot_tax fix the displayed tax ($0.00) but ot_total always includes the tax I tried to zero out. I guess I do not understand how the ot_tax module interacts with ot_total.


Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


Here's the algorithim in a nutshell:

  if customer = taxable then

   normal ot_tax operation


   change tax rate (or tax amount) to 0 in calculation



Thanks in advance!

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define('DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX', false); // Display prices with tax (true) or without tax (false)

around line 142 in includes/application_top.php make sure it shows false if i understand right, do you want to display tax in the advertised price or just not display tax at all?

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Thanks for the response....


I have that set to "false" already. OSC does not show tax in individual prices and that is good.


However, my need appears to be an ot_tax module issue more than anything else. I need to zero the tax if a customer is non-taxable.... For some reason, the tax is calculated into ot_total even when I change the tax value to "0.00" in ot_tax. There must be more to it that I don't understand.



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  • 2 years later...

boy here's a two year old topic. I would like some help to do this very thing.


I have Osc-2.2ms2 loaded with B2B suite and about 12 other contributions.


I have completely wrecked my cart twice now trying to implement some code changes to allow for a logged in wholesale user to be tax exempt in my state, while the retailers are taxed.


(yes, i practice saving and backups often) :thumbsup:


The "nutshell" code posted here by ptalbot is not enough for me to understand.

Can anyone help me out with this by translating into the actual argument needed

and where i would paste this code in my cart?


I've looked at the tax exempt for goverment and schools contribution too, but it conflicts with the b2b implents in my code.

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