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Hi Guys n Gals


I am at present trying to talk my host into installing GPG on their servers so I can use the GPG addons for payments, this way we can take payments via our PDQ machine in our shop.



They have asked me what GPG is, now I honestly dont know.

So could someone please tell me what the best reasoning is to get accross to a host why they should have this installed on their servers.


I have sent them a link to here:


In hope that it might answer some of his questions, but he would like me to tell him and I cant really make head nor tail of GPG as quickly as he wants to know.


I do intend on learning as much as I can about GPG, but I dont have time to waste and need my host to add this ASAP.


So any pointers that I can give to my host please??


Are there any hosts out there that already offer GPG on their servers?


Thnx in advance guys...



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I thought all hosts offer GPG... :shock:


It is a "simple" piece of software that enables you to encrypt e-mails etc, which you can decrypt on your PC. All the host has to do is download the program and install it on the server.

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That is sort of what I have told them.


But the guy I am speaking to has not even heard of it!


I will tell him your thoughts also.

I presume this must be an easy install too?


Is there more than one place to get GPG from or is www.gnupg.org the only version you can get on open source?


With their knowledge, and all the servers they have I would imagine they know how easy this is.

Either that or the guy I am speaking to knows very little.



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If They install openpgp from here:



Will that work with the GPG payment contributions in the contributions section or are we talking some incompatibility issues??






P.S. I see you offer it on your hosting, so if you can offer a little more info in on what it is exactly I will pass the info on to them, and hopefully convince them to install it.

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I didnt want tpo help them install it, they know how to do this.


I wanted to know the best way to explain what GPG is, and then I could relay this to them in order for them to install it.


As it turns out i did a good enough job and they have been installing this on all their servers over the last 2 days.


Thanks for your advice it did help.



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I'm having a bit of a problem getting gpg to work with my host - I compiled the app on the server, it installed no probs.

But it simply doesn't want to respond to any input from a shell emulator OR a php command.


Has ANYONE got gpg running on a web host?

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