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The e-commerce.

What Happen ??


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I would appreciate some help on this as I have no payement or shipping options in the admin section. The files are all uploaded on the server

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Do you get options when you click on the ZONEs module ?

If your talking Location/zones..yess i see all the countries but that set up is ok.


Are your Shipping options set to ACTIVE(green dot) or INACTIVE (red dot) ? Set one of them to Active (click on the green dot) and then see if you get an option to edit.

Thats my problem ...the only thing i see there is

Module Directory: /home/charme/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/



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Hmmm, then I am not sure.


Are you 100% positive that you have uploaded all the files ? Did you use FTP ? Maybe some of the files failed to upload ? Do a comparison on your local inclides/modules/shipping folder to your remote one.

Sorry I cant be of more help



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In my admin/modules side of the store, my 3 modules (payment , shipping and order_total)have no more options, only the module directory path






I've never seen this error, but my guess is that the permissions on the modules folders are set incorrectly. Try setting them to 755. Or, the settings on /payment, /shipping, or /order_total are incorrect. Or, the files within them are set incorrectly. I believe it's a permissions problem though based on the information you've provided.


Let me know.

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