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The e-commerce.

CMS (Content Management System) ?

seCret steVe

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what is the best CMS system to use????


i have tried phpnuke and disliked

postnuke and kinda liked it

webgenerator-x and it is okies but the admin panel sucks


im looking for a good client site and a good admin side CMS (Content Management System) so far phpnuke and postnuke have a great client site but the admin side sucks....and webgenerator-x have a good client site but the admin site sucks.


Im looking for both being good.


Thanks and hopefully someone has a good one in mind.



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how 'bout Xoops? Never tried it but I know Ian likes it (phesis.co.uk) :)

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Yes, I do lile xoops, The code is very well written (from scratch, not a nuke port) and from what I can see a lot more secure. It has a much restricted feature set (not as many modules)


Just wish they would get around to updating their forum module. Not as good as forums.oscmmerce.com. :D


I've also been told by visitors to my site that it seems very fast.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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There have been several PostNuke forks you may want to look at. Try http://envolution.com


The other fork is called Xaraya. Xaraya is the underground continuation of PostNuke 714. About 2 months ago 40 key developers left the PostNuke project after a split occured in the dev community over which theme system would be used. Envolution and Xaraya are the result. This makes the current PostNuke distribution a lame duck so to speak for now. The release of Xaraya v1.0 is scheduled sometime in the Winter/Spring.


If you're curious to see what changes are taking place with Xaraya you can download the latest (unstable) tarball here:




There has been some mention on the Xaraya lists of integrating osCommerce as a Xaraya ecommerce module. This was done before with PostNuke. It was called PostTEP. Development was dropped in favor of waiting on the final osc 2.2 release... I got PostTEP to run nicely on my PostNuke site but other devs said it wasn't stable enough. You can find the PostTEP module here:



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All - please try to stay on-topic. This is the osCommerce forum.


PS. I like typo3 - www.typo3.com - GPLed etc.

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hmm, this whole CMS thing is driving me crazy.

Go with postnuke or GeekLog ??? Envolution looks interesting enough but needs more time to strengthen.





Why don't a few script developers get together and build a system that will work with each other? I mean hey, the way things going now is that folks are reinventing the wheel or borrowing from the wheel.


So, you have:

an agreed upon api and each group doing their part.


I really would love to see phpBB/iB + oscommerce + *cms + phpadsnew + phplink + some type of helpdesk


Right now you phpBB and iB thinking of doing portals, the *cms's are nice but nobody is really edging out on top and the remaining players aren't intergrated yet.


cms bridge looks interesting to help with intergrating the scripts.


imagine -- just imagine --



ugh, is this a rant? hehe, sorry :oops:

NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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To stay on topic...


Is it an unpopular idea to offer store owners the ability to change the text af a few OsC pages from within an Admin box?


Is it possible to build a module? a contribution perhaps? of the Categories box in Admin, renamed Edit Pages? If the Contribution that allows us to edit the "text description" of a category were left in this duped box, and it were purged of the ability to add "product" to this duped box... ?? Idea?


I bring this up because every business owner that I have showed OsCommerce to is impressed, but becomes unimpressed enough once the find out that editing the text of the home page means calling a programmer and waiting. it get REALLY frustrating when they are just wanting to change the text a tiny bit..



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Is it an unpopular idea to offer store owners the ability to change the text af a few OsC pages from within an Admin box?


We (project developers) are concentrating on building a solid framework for an online shop. Once this is achieved, other area such as CMS will be looked into.


Our steps are taken one at a time to make sure the feature set is complete, stable, and secure - it makes no sense in diverging into different areas at once to have each part held together by sticky tape - we are not NASA engineers :D


However, that does not mean the community can get together to make lovely contributions that could be integrated into the project when the time arrives.


If you have an itch, please scratch it :)

:heart:, osCommerce

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I do intend to offer what I can. It is a sincere and reasonable request from business owners interested in OsC as their solution online. I do not doubt a scaled down CMS option will very much be part of the OsC offering at v3.0, as it is a core need of owners to manage their store online as effectively as their brick and mortar front window display. Instant responsiveness.


To any and all that feel interested in such a Contribution, please post a quick reply here and/or e-mail me (ian@iansears.com). I am looking for concurrent development efforts that I can offer to to as well as learn from. Do please accept my offer of doing it together.


Hacking away...

Ian Sears

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:oops: Don't get me wrong. I've been watching tep for a while coming in every so often to see what's up. tep >> osC is really good.


Honestly, probably the best in it's genre.


Interchange was my other choice but osC is just that much more easier to use and a pretty decent community to be in too :D







NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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