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The e-commerce.

Need help on a couple editign things....


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I need to edit the order in which the product listing is placed.

I want it: IMAGE | NAME | Description | price |buy

I have installed the description 1.2


Heres how it currently looks:




When registering a new account i need to change the "required" text color from that baby blue... i looked in the .css i couldnt find it anywhere

Heres what im talking about:




The breadcrumb in top left i dont want it to display catalog, and i want "top"changed to home so it refers to the main domain...




ANY help on where or even code on how to fix these would be awesome!

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Thanks Ajeh Couple things....

Can i get rid of catalog? or atleast change its link to something i specify some way?


Also for products list the idea you gave works however description isnt in there so how would i get it there?


And still the required text?

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Go to Admin ...


Go to Product Listing ...


Each thing that says Display blah ... enter the numbers 10-100 or whatever in the order from left to right you want them displayed, rather than just a 1 to say on

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Ok, Ok Ive gotten it all working exept for the bread crump......


I want to change it so it doesnt show catalog or make it so i can link it to a different place!

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Hi Ryan,


Do a search for HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG in your catalog, I came up with a few files that it's used in (application_top.php, itransact_split.php, and english.php).


In application_top.php it's added as a 2nd breadcrumb after the "Top" breadcrumb, so, what you'll see is...

$breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, HTTP_SERVER);

$breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG, tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT));


and you'll want to change that 2nd line to do something else, or delete it.


I'm not using the split forms, so I'm not sure how it shows in itransact_split.php and english.php is just for the word "Catalog".


Linda :)

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