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Multiple Editing Questions


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I have a few quick questions, i expect some of these may have been answered but i am not 100% sure what they are so searching for a solution has proved difficult.


Firstly i require help making the links in the category boxes and other similar navigations smaller, i know this is down to changing the font size in a css file but i can only seem to edit the font size for all the site rather than specific sections.


Also i need to remove the block of colour which is located to the left of the link, once again i know this is css based but i do not know what to remove, i have tried a few things but nothing has helped yet.


I have also removed the arrow in the title bars of the navigation menus and have found it being replaced by the link "more". How do i get rid of this replacement link?


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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I have already gone though that and I can not see anything that aids me in what i need. I mean yes i found the bit about font sizes so i took a look in the css file, annoyingly nothing indicated what text was using what setting so I am going to have to guess and do backups.

I could not see anything in regards to helping me with the other questions though which are the more important ones.


If any one can at least point me in a direction which will help me please do so as it would be highly appreciated.




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As with all CSS, the links are controlled by an A rule.


To look for specific rules, right click on the page you are viewing, select View Source, search for a keyword you can identify as being where you want to edit - Categories for example - look at which CSS rule is controlling it - for Categories it is class="infoBoxHeading" - find the infoBoxHeading rule in the stylesheet and modify how you want.

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