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Desperate...please help with site

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I'm begging someone out there to help me. I've been through this forum dozens of times on several different occasions and am still at a loss. Thank you in advance to anyone who shares their expertise with me.


I am one of the many who has problems with my thumbnail images. I've tried several of the contributions with no luck. I think my problem is the fact that I purchased a website template, so when I plug in the contributions code, it messes up the custom code that came with the template.


As seen here... http://gtwoclothing.com/shop/index.php?cPath=62 I've got my thumbnails lined up accordingly. I tried to change the image configuration in the admin tool. I set them both to zero, which gave me great detail in my thumbnails, but made everything too large. Even when I changed the Small Image Width and left the Small Image Height alone, it still came out looking very unprofessional. Nothing was aligned and it just looked bad.


What I'm trying to accomplish is this....


I'd like to have detailed thumbnails so that the customer can see what the article of clothing looks like without having to click twice more into the enlarged mode. I'd also like to keep my horizontal width at the length that it is already. And if at all possible, I'd like to load a new/different picture when I click on the "click to enlarge" text.


Is any of this possible? Like I said, I have tried the resizing contributions and got nowhere...but that could be because I'm very new to php language and oscommerce. I can code the hell out of access basic, but that was years ago.


Please....I'm desperate!!! Help!!! :'(

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