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Order notification e-mail


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My store is working great except for a couple of things...

1) When I make a test order I receive a confirmation as the buyer but I do not receive any notification as the store owner that I have a new order pending. Is this what is supposed to happen? I would think that the store owner would get an email too. Should I have configured something to enable this?

2) Another, not as important issue, is with my shipping module. I am using UPS xml as my only method. The problem is that I don't know what field the site is sending to UPS as the weight. For instance, I have a product that is 2 lbs and comes back from UPS with a quote for a 5lb package or I also have a 45lb product that comes back from UPS with a quote of 2 packages of 15lbs... I dont know what the deal with that is...

Thanks for any help...

- joe

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In the admin tool, under "Configuration" and then "My Store" there is a setting for "Send Extra Order Emails To". Edit this field and put the e-mail address that you wish to receive a copy of every order.


As far as item 2, I think it would send the combined weight from the detail of each item. Still in the development stage of my site and have not played with that part yet.


Hope this helps!


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