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The e-commerce.

set me on the right way with template


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Hi members,


I'm quite new to oscommerce. I want to create a template for a oscommerce shop. It has to be professional like for example the templates that you see on templatemonster.


I did already searched at templatemonster but i want to give it a shot myself.


Is the design of a template and the pages under that possible with STS or how do i have to do it.



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hi all.


i also want to do a custom template, and have had a search on the site for info. it seems to be spread far and wide, and not at all clear what needs to be changed in what files.


first, is there a template tutorial that says what needs to be changed and where it is. i have got a black background on the main page, and changed the text collors, but the boxes to the left and right still have white backgrounds (now with white text) as do all the pop up boxes.


also, what is sts, what does it do, will it help me do what i want to do, and where do i get it.


sorry to ask questions that have been asked before.


many thanks

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ok, silly me, found out what sts is, and i dont think its going to be any good for me.


still looking for a good tutorial on what dose what in the style sheets and where to change the colours of the box backgrounds and texts, borders, etc.


it would be a nice addition to the forums if someone could do something like a faq for styles and stuff that is asked on a regular basis and put them as a stickey at the top of the forums.


i know that all the info that i want is here somewhere, but it starts to get a bit confusing after looking at 300 posts that have nothing to do with what you want.


oh well........onwards with the search..... :rolleyes:

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