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Code in index.php is driving me crazy!


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Hi All,


I have an osCommerce 2.2 template which I bought, so the code has been edited. When I go to my home page and view the source (index.php), I am getting this segment of code:


<!-- new_products //-->

  <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
   <tr><td colspan=3 bgcolor=#F24E74 width=515 height=28><img src=images/m18.gif align=absmiddle><span style="padding-left: 3px"></span><span class=ch4>Featured Products</span></td></tr>  
   <tr><td height=3></td></tr>


It is driving me crazy I can't find where this code is generated. I simply want to change the background colour of the <td>. I have checked the stylesheet and all the PHP files and I simply cannot get to the bottom of this. I think the the PHP in the index.php file generates this code somehow, but I cannot find it.


If anyone can help please reply here. If you need to see my site or the index.php code just let me know and i'll PM you the details.


Any help would be great.




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check in includes/modules for new_products.php or even maybe featured_products.php if there is that file



:o Thats not even funny! I spent at least 2 hours trying to find that yesterday! The code was in new_products.php!!!


Thanks for that :D

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