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Handling fee based upon weight table


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I'm going to describe what my client is asking for in hopes that someone out there will know of either a contribution or how to easily add the desired functionality.


Our fulfillment company dings us $2 for every 40lbs shipped. We need a way to directly represent this as a handling fee in the order totals, separate from shipping. We only list the FedEx module and it does not have a place to enter in a handling fee based on a weight table. (unless I misunderstood something in the module?) We want the handling fee to be a separate line in the totals and not mixed into the shipping price. ie.don't want to pad any weights or inflate prices to compensate. We do not want the handling fee to work on percentage of order price, or only under a certain amount. It should be based upon a weight table as in:


0~40lbs: $2.50

41lbs~80lbs: $5.00

81lbs~120lbs: $7.50

121lbs~160lbs: $10.00



The order total for a 35lb order should look like this:

Sub-Total: $xx.xx

Shipping: $xx.xx

Handling: $2.50

Total: $xx.xx


Every "handling fee" mention on this board as well as in the contributions area seem to be based upon percentages of price and not weight. Does anyone know of how we can implement this? The only other contrib we are using at present is the paypal ipn. I've read where some are having difficulties with the handling fee actually making it through to paypal, but I am hopeful I can figure that out as long as I can get the handling calculations working smoothly. Is the total lbs available in the totals module? If so, what's the variable name so I can try rolling my own in the meantime?


Thank you in advance for any help. :thumbsup:

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