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Hi everybody,


I'm writing a topic in that forum because i have a problem and don't find a solution

I will explain my problem with an example :


I have a product A with 2 items in stock


The fisrt customers put 2 products A in his cart.

A second customer see the products A in the products list because the stock of A is not decreased as the first customer did not checkout.

The second customer put 1 product A in his cart.


The problem is that, if the first customer checkout, the second one will not be able to checkout because the product will be out of stock.

What i would like is that when a customer puts a product in his cart, the stock descreased so that the second could not put the item in his cart.


I try to find a contribution that do that but i was unable to find one. Did anybody already have done that ?


I'm not exactly sure it is possible because we get a problem when the cart is not checked out. and we don't have something like an "event" in PHP taht can say shen the session time is over to lauch a script that will fill the stock with the cart's content.


I don't know if everything is clear...sorry for the bad english.


Thanks for the help

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This parameter will forbid to checkout the cart if item is not in stock, but it will not forbid to put the item in the cart if another user already have the remaining stock in cart.

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