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I need to add shipping phone number from address book to email or invoice


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Hi, since we ship FedEx we need to ask and collect a telephone number for the person receiving the package as per FedEx policy.


I installed "Address enhancer 1.3", a contribution that should add this feature and indeed there is now a new column in the address book table and a new field in the address book to let the buyer specify a different shipping address and telephone number.


The problem is that once entered and stored this phone number does not appear either in the Confirmation email, the invoice or the packing slip in the admin site.


It's very strange and maddening as I am trying to figure out where I can call this value to have it displayed in at least one place in the administration or in the confirmation email.


Does anybody know an easy method to do that?


Thank you

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Click on configure in admin, customer info, and set it as required

Hi, Thank you for the replay. There are no preferences to set in the administration area for the address book telephone number. I wish there were, but the telephone number is not even included in the address book in the stock OSC, much less showing the data in the email.


As stated in my post I am using Address Enhancer 1.3 and in theory it should provide for the additional telephone number to use for FedEx or other overnight services that need a telephone number. It does capture the telephone number adn it also capture an additional address field, but while the latter displays in the email and the administration area, the telephone number doesnt, even after I tried to copy the code over (making the tel numb. mimik the address2 field).

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