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The e-commerce.

Could someone please help me????


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Here's my problem:


I am using Table rate per price.


I have a drop down menu for the zone. I can only set the zone according to the zone I have set-up in Tax Zone. I need to be able to specify US zones and International zones such as the set up in Zone rates but I "need" to be able to charge shipping by price. Does anyone know how to do this??? I have asked 2 other times and have not received an answer.

I have read the boards, downloaded contributions and I still have no answer. I can duplicate my table rate but I am not able to differentiate them between US rates and International rates because of the drop down menu for zones.


I am using both versions of Oscommerce. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes I have read it all. I don't want to use zone rates, unless I can use zone rates with price and not weight.


I'd like to use table rate with zones enabled. I have read contributions where they have 2 table rates, one for US and one for another country but they didn't say how they were able to get this shopping cart to select the "country" as the zones enabled for table rate is a drop menu and the only way I can see to add a specific place to the drop down menu is to add that city to my tax zone. It doesn't allow you to add Zones like you can with zone rates.


Anybody know how I can run 2 table rates with the correct country selected for US or International? Please advise.

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