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The e-commerce.

Paypal question


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If searched the forums on this and didn't find anything.

It's more a Paypal issue then it is an oscommerce issue but maybe some of you have encoutered it before and

know an easy solution.


I've made a webshop using oscommerce and everything is working wonderful.

I'm from the netherlands and have customers from all over the world (this info is needed later on)


When a customer orders something from my website and then wants to pay, he gets directed to the

paypal site where they can fill in their paypal info.

If the customer doesn't have a paypal account he can still order it with the Continue button below.

I've noticed that this page is sometimes in english but also sometimes in dutch, doesn't matter which

country the customer is from.

Anyway so far so good.

Now the not so good part: the customer, when pressing on Continue, gets redirected to a page where

he can fill in some info and credit card info. This page, when testing, is always in dutch.

I get several question from customers from different countries who can't read the page and have

no idea where they can change the language because Land (meaning Country) is not a usual understandable word in


Even when the customer understands that this is the part where he must change the language he then

must know that he must choose Verenigd Koninkrijk (meaning United Kingdom)...


Is there any way to fix this or some other solution?

I'm using paypal ipn, so maybe there's something to add so that paypal knows he must always use english




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No one else had this problem?

So everyone from outside an english speaking country do not have this problem?

I don't believe that. :-)

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