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Configure paypal IPN


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I am trying to get paypal ipn installed i have done some settings myself and emailed paypal for guidance on the questions:


Paypals Public Certificate


Your Paypal Public Certificate ID


They have not contacted me and that was mid friday afternoon. Can anyone tell me how i obtain the above.


If anyone has a step by step guide....? ,can you give me a copy. This is the last thing i can see needs sorted. I would like people to respond who know, so i can finish this project off very soon


Thanks very much to all those who have responded to my previous posts. You don't know how much you have helped.

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It isn't needed. Just enter your email address, set it to active and live and you're all set.




Thanks Jack


But, can you or anyone have a look at this


Module Directory: /var/www/html/includes/modules/payment/, is where admin says the modules reside. Fine. I put paypal ipn in this folder to see if it would resolve this problem but got error messages. They seem to appear when using encrypted web payments. What does that mean? Cause my site is encrypted at login, then paypal is also encrypted


But my paypal ipn is in /ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ as instructions. If it matters, how do I change the path to the ext bin? For the paypal module?


I got a range of warnings when using encrypted web payments, but no notification back from paypal to my admin that the payment had been made. I get a confirmation email, and I suppose that’s good enough, email and order in the customers profile allows me to match the orders.


Is there an easier or better way to do this? My thinking was paypal sends confirmation back to server once payment is made, so I know the payment has occurred.


The ipn seems better that it has a button to complete the transaction something the other does not, but only has a button saying back to merchant. Maybe the wording on the button on the normal paypal should have a similar button saying complete transaction. That way the customer thinks they must click to complete. That’s my thought anyway.


So, its working better than the stock job. I am a pain in the bum asking so many questions, but if it can be improved from confirmation email, order in customer profile then I’d be glad to hear how to configure it to as near perfect as possible.




My settings


enable paypal module = true

gateway server = live

email address = [email protected]

sort order of display = 0

transaction currency = GBP

payment zone = none

force shipping address = true

set preparing order status = preparing [paypal ipn]

set paypal acknowledgement order status = preparing [paypal ipn]

set paypal completed order status = processing

transaction type = aggregate

move tax to total amount = false

page style = blank

debug email address = [email protected]

enable encrypted web payments = true – later to false

your private key = /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.key/server.key

your public certificate = /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.crt/ca.crt

paypals public certificate = blank

your paypal public certificate id blank

working directory = /var/www/html/tmp/

open ssl location = /usr/bin/openssl

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