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The e-commerce.

My first store. Please comment


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Failte to Osc!


1) Love the thumbnails for the various "departments" of the store. Snazzy!


2) Images loaded fairly quickly even for dialup folks like myself. However, many of the images are fuzzy. Perhaps check on using an image contrib.


3) I would see about changing the info box border color from grey to match the blue of your logo.


4) I would also suggest fixed width.


5) Contact Us page - great!


6) Ditch the default clickart, such as on contact us page ... doesn't match the professional image of the rest of your site.


7) Flavicon ... nice!


8) How come I put my mouse over Monitors & Tvs on left column, and the Cases menu also rolls out? Does this no matter which section I hover my mouse over.


9) Perhaps not have when products were added to catalog on the product info pages ... customers don't really need to know that, do they?


10) No suggestion - just stating I miss Ireland - only place I've ever called "HOME" ... lived in Dublin area for a time in mid-late 90's. *grins*

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Thanks so much Moonlight.


Going to be looking at image contribs soon but kept busy updating products at the moment.

I'm quite happy with the info box border color. Some friends seem to like it too.

I'm reluctant to go messing with code when it's not totally necessary. I know jack about it. Only what I’ve picked up from you guys.


I don't understand what you mean by "fixed width". ???

Default clickart is on the top of my must do's!

The part about putting your mouse over Monitors & Tvs on left column, and the Cases menu also rolls out. Well it doesn't happen in IE7 just in firefox. I've no idea what's causing this and am searching like mad to get some insight on this.


I'm really grateful for your opinion. This is my first attempt at something like this and I'm quite pleased so far.


Thank you!

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The site looks pretty cool. I love the thumbnails.

I just have a dumb question. I'm working on my first website also and I can't find where I can insert the shipping & return information. Can you or anyone help me out, please? Same thing goes for Privacy info. And one more thing, how do I format the font? How do I make the titles bold (for privacy and shipping info)?





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Hey a little late but....you have the links underneath the pictures of each of your categories. I don't think you need to repeat it in the graphic. This will make the graphic look even cleaner and still allow you optimize your site from an SEO perspective.


Good looking site - crisp and clean!

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Really cool site, a lot i've seen while browsing to get an idea for my own have been too over the top, fussy and in your face imho. Yours and a couple of others i've recently seen are more clean looking. Gives me the feeling of doing just what it says on the tin !


Pics on the home page are nice too (are they thumbnails?) sorry i'm new to all this :blush:


Only thing i didn't like about it was the subcatagories popping out when hovering over the catagories, they spoil the look of the main page for me, but what do i know lol.


Overall a really nice site and I'd be happy to buy from you, good work.

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