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Paypal Issue


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I've always had a problem with my OSC store not creating an actual order when the person checks out w/ Paypal. Sometimes an order comes through, some times it doens't. Its become a huge issue this week because Ive had 3 big international orders come through without an actual order being generated. Im now clueless to what they ordered and cant just call 'em up.


Any insight on this? Or link to a related problem you can point me to?

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That is a known problem. To fix it, you need to install the paypal IPN contribution.







I also just started getting this problem about a week or so ago.


I have been using OSC along with the PayPal IPN for over a year or more (I believe like 2 years+) with out any problems until just lately. And the problem I received today was and order went through PayPal from my OSC site and like stilfx with out no info, but the real problem is that with the new order I have no record of the order or user in my OSC site under Orders. ??? So I'm researching this now....


Maybe PayPal changed something or the other and which is the best or correct IPN to use?

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Paypal std module that comes with osc freah populates order in checkout success page.

If for some reason client is unable to return from paypal site to your site(autoreturn not true or return url buggy or internet speed issues) then this might happen.


The best alternate is to use paypal IPN developed by osc team.

Also You can add order holiding contrib to collect order incase they are lost


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