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Easy question regarding domain indexing


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Looking at SEO, it appears that search engine bots won't entertain redirects. My shop index.php is in my catalog dirctory and the Russians at my hosting company have, very kindly, made www.mydomain.com/index.htm into a redirect to www.mydomain.com/catalog/index.php They have this annoying habit of not telling you how to do it, but responding to your question by going away and 'fixing' it for you.

How have you worked around this problem ?

Many Thanks for any input.

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Redirecting using an html file is not only wrong, it may get your site banned. The search engines don't care that you are redirecting, but it has to be done correctly or they think you are trying to pull something. The best approach, to avoid all of that, is to move your shop to the root directory. Short of that, you need to redirect using .htaccess of a header statement (be sure to return a 301 result in both cases). Moving to the root is not difficult and if you search the forums, you will find many examples of how to do it.



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