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How do to change the catagory navagation font?


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I've been trying to change the style of the catagory navagation so that the initial catagory is bold, and when you click on it, the subcatagories are not bold, so that these is more clear delineation between the different catagories. I would also like to be able to cahnge the font and size of the catagories and sub catagories.


Could someone explain how I would do these things?



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Alas, that is not in fact of much help to me. Looking at the stylesheet.css file, and assuming I'm reading it correctly (which I'm probably not) the TD.headerNavigation section /will/ allow me to change the font on the navagation, but it changes all of the navation text, not just the part I need.


What I would like it to do is have the primary catagory in the font it is now (big and bold) and have the sub catagories in the navagation be a smaller, not-bold font.


How do I accomplish this?

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