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On several posts I've seen a reference to the "correct" version of PHP. It seems the current version of osCommerce prefers version 4 of PHP.


I've been using my local (Apache 2.2) server along with the MySQL server and PHP to build (customize) and test an osCommerce site. Other than some minor issues, it has worked quite well. I installed the [apache/mysql/php] components on my Windows XP Home system individually (instead of as a package such as XAMPP) using the downloads from the various sites. I wanted to learn how to do this properly.


In light of the comments about PHP versions, I thought I would check and found the version number of my PHP to be Version 5.0.4. To install version 4, I think I would have to go back to the PHP site and download and install it.


Anyway, my question is how critical is using version 4 instead of 5, also when I install this on a live server will I have to stipulate version 4? What sort of problems occur because of the "wrong" version?


Just wondering. :huh:



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I do the same thing here. My webhost uses php4, but my XAMPP install uses php5.


As far as I know, php5 is backward compatible. php5 code should work with no problems on php4. But some php4 code will not work out of the box with php5. So what I do it code for php5 for two reasons:


1) I haven't run into any problems running php5 code on a server using php4 (but have encountered problems coding for php4 and then running that code on a php5 server)


2) If my webhost switches to php5 tomorrow, I won't have to change a thing :)

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