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Synchronizing user registration between OSCommerce, SMF Forum and Joomla CMS


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I'm synchronizing user registrations between OSCommerce, SMF forums and a Joomla CMS.

While doing this I test created a user, and the registration was successful in the OSCommerce..

when going to remove this user from the administration panel, I get this "WARNING" at the top of the page:


Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /homepages/9/d172291528/htdocs/POTTERY/custom/oscommerce/catalog/admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 17


Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /homepages/9/d172291528/htdocs/POTTERY/custom/oscommerce/catalog/admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 18


Can someone help me fix this error, as it seems it doesn't want to delete the user either.

I've recommented out the sections of code I placed into catalog/includes/functions/database.php and catalog/create_account.php

but this warning still persists.


After I fix this error, I would also like some insight on the task I am trying to accomplish, maybe someone knows of a modification that already does what I want

or would have some tips on how to do it easily, besides what I've already done.

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Ok. I fixed the PHP warnings.


I have modified database.php and create_account.php but for some reason, when I go to

use a defined function tep_db_perform1() which has the secondary database in the tep_db_connect1()

function, the error message always says it can't insert the data into 'database.pot_members'

database meaning the one that is currently configured for the osCommerce.


So while the database is incorrect, the right table is being referenced, can someone tell me where

the configured database is being inherited in my new tep_db_connect() function which

I've explicitly defined as using a different database host address, database and username and password?

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