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? re: deleting flash content & adding new content


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I'm used to static sites, html and wysiwyg editors, but as far is osCommerce goes, I'm hopelessly lost. I love the program tho' and am wanting to learn it badly.


That being said, I'm hoping someone could please help me (insert pleading emote here).


Recently I've been asked to help a freind with his site, the site owner did not create the site himself, and the person who did is no longer available, so I have no one to look to for guidance...


Basically, I have two questions,


1. On the site, here: http://www.dairymister.com/ there is a drop down (flash) greeting, that is programmed to open once a day, upon your first visit to the site. It contains information about a sizing calculator that is incorrect. In the left menu, the link to the sizing calculator is correct. Is there any way to change the content of this message from the administration area of osCommerce, or do I need to go into the flash program to change it. How would I delete this message from the site altogether? (Man I hope I explained that right).


2. I need to add some new content to the site. I've read the tutorials re: adding a new box page to the site, but what I'm wondering is where do I create the new box? For example, in a static site, I create it using a html editor and link each page thru a site map. But I'm lost (and feeling like a complete idiot) as to how to do this in osCommerce. Can the new information be created using html, or must it be created in php? What I'd like to add is just a "Links" page with 5 relevant links on it. I have this information created using html, and it's sitting in a notepad file. How do I get this information into osCommerce?


Any help of information is greatfully accepted, thanks so much for your time.

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When I tried following one of the tutorials, half of the information disappeared on this site (basically just the left nav and header stayed behind). I know I'm doing something wrong. Is there any one willing to help me, please?

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