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Credit Card Selection HELP


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I am new to setting up Ecommerce and just getting aquanted with HTML code, so I am looking fot some help in understanding and getting the Credit Card options setup in OSC the way the documentation shows it should be.


I am looking for a complete explanation as to how to setup online Credit Card acceptance using Autorize.net, what current modules should be used and what setup options work best. I am also trying to figure out why I do not have the Admin>Configuration>Credit Cards section in my Admin as it is discribed in the documentations link below:




Am I missing something that is not installed or is an added install?


I may be missing something very simple but I do not think so. I have been serching the forum but have only found unaswered posts or incomplete answers so far. So if someone can help me with this I would be very greatful. :thumbsup:


Thank You,

Bill Andringa

Spectrum Printing | Design | Apparel

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I will see if i can help, first off you are in the wrong section of the admin, it is admin/modules/ and you will see Authorize.net install option. You need to apply at www.Authorize.net for an account then you can install the credit card modoule. Hope this helps

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Top of this page --> Community --> Contributions --> Authorize Net AIM



Vger answered this specific question for me in an other communication. I should have deleted this from the forum or I should have done what I am doing now. Put the answer out here for others to find.


Here is the info that I was given:


2 years ago, when the release of osCommerce MS3 was thought to be imminent, the Knowledge Base was given over to showing MS3 - which still hasn't been released. So what you are seeing on those pages has nothing to do with the current version of osCommerce which is MS2


As I understand this, the reason I do not see the Credit Card options as they are discribed in the Knowledge Base is that it is describing a new version of OSC than the current release version and it is not there.


I hope this is correct and it help you. I am still having issue getting Authorize Net to work. I am now trying to get some outside help with solving the issue.

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