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Price Sensitive Discount Problem


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Hi everyone,


this is probably very easy for whoever codes in PHP/MySQL...

I installed the contrib 204 (Price Sensitive Discounts) which is exactly what I was looking for.


Unfortunately, even though I installed it perfectly, sorting it #2 after sub-total, but before shipping, tax and total, putting "false" for both tax and shipping (I only want the discount applied to the sub-total) and recalculating the tax with the discounted sub-total.


Well, I don't get the right discount.

I put:

100:10,250:20,500:30,1000:40 for the discount percentage


I then tested it and with $200 in my sub-total, I should have 10% or $20 discount.

But for some reason, it displays "Price break Discount: $21.55" and not $20.


Nevertheless, if there was no shipping and taxes, the total would be $180 which is correct!!!

But the fact that the output is $21.55 and not $20 makes a problem...


Here is the whole output so you can understand it better:


Sub-Total: $200.00

Price break Discount: $21.55

Total: $180.00


The total is correct but I know that some people will email me telling me (with that example) that the total should be $178.45 and not $180 because the discount is $21.55


The problem is that it's adding the $tod_amount to the $od_amount which is causing the actual discount amount

to be displayed incorrectly. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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