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orders aren't adding tax


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I have to ask this question: Do you have items set as Taxable Goods under Tax Class in your Admin / Products page?




Thanks for the reply Pete, yes I do have Taxable goods set

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I have added California 8.25% as a tax zone, but orders aren't adding the tax. What do I do?



unless you have done any deep coding changes (i.e. added any contribs that might affect tax), it's probable that things are just not configured right. i just went through solving the same problem on my own site, so will give you what advice i can. my own difficulty arose because i had done things like delete all the countries except the US in my database tables, etc.


in theory, all the configuration can be done via the admin panel, but i found that to be very opaque. it was easier for me to sort it out using phpMyAdmin, so that i could look at each of the pertinent tables, and make sure everything was set up right, so my advice will follow that route.


one bit of prior advice, is that since i've modded my own site heavily, i have found it useful to have two stores installed, my real store, and a test store that is only stock osC. that way i can always compare to the stock store.


proceeding using phpMyAdmin:


1. check Table(tax_class) and make sure it has at least one row for Taxable Goods. make note of the Field(tax_class_id), which will probably be set to '1'.


2. check Table(products) and make sure that Field(products_tax_class_id) in this Table(products) matches the Field(tax_class_id) in the Table(tax_class) noted from step one. this is double checks the question someone else asked about "Do you have items set as Taxable Goods under Tax Class in your Admin / Products page?"


2b. check Table(tax_rates). make sure that Field(tax_class_id) in this Table(tax_rates) matches the Field(tax_class_id) in the Table(tax_class), as noted in step 1. Also make sure that the Field(tax_rate) and Field(tax_description) are set for California.


3. check Table(countries). Find the USA and note the Field(countries_id). In stock OSC this will be set to '223'.


4. check Table(zones), which will be a long list of states, etc. Find California. check that the Field(zone_country_id) = Field(countries_id) noted in step 3. Presumably this will be set to '223'. now note the Field(zone_id) for California. Stock OSC has this set as '12'.


5. check Table(geo_zones). stock osC has one row, for Florida. you can modify this so that it says California, and California sales tax in Field(geo_zone_name) and Field (geo_zone_desription). Make note of Field(geo_zone_id). this will probably be set to '1'.


6. now go to Table(zones_to_geo_zones). this is the table that ties together all these other tables. it should have at least one row in it. stock osC has one row, with Field(association_id) set to '1'. Now you need to make sure that Field(zone_country_id) matches the Field(countries_id) found in step 3. presumably this will be set to '223'. Then make sure that Field(zone_id) from this Table(zones_to_geo_zones) matches the Field(zone_id) from the Table(zones) found in step 4. lastly, make sure that Field(geo_zone_id) in this Table(zones_to_geo_zones) matches the Field(geo_zone_id) from the Table(geo_zones), found in step 5.


i think this will sort it out for you. i don't really know if this is how it is "supposed" to be. just what worked for me.




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