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[Contribution] SEO-G


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Hi, what I want to do is to modifiy my urls. I want my urls in spanish, for example,

Actual URL:


What I want:



Can I do that with SEO-G ? How?

is not multilingual... you have to recreate again the db changing spanish as a selected default language

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I am working on a site with SEO-G mod which was set up years ago - and I wasn't the one to set it up.


The problem I am having is that when we send a url from google adwords through the redirection process, I believe we are losing the gclid variable that needs to be kept to track conversions.


Can this be done?

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I have a problem with some real *.html-files. SEO-G is working fine, but it standard redirects every *.html file which is found on the server.


For example I have a file called /maps/maps.html which is really on the server. But still the SEO-G is redirecting it to cookie_usage.php like he's telling me the page is not found.


Every php-file has renamed to html by SEO-G, but offcourse the html-files itself don't.


How to make sure the SEO-G won't redirect an excisting html-file to cookie_usage.php?

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any solution for SEO-G Removes all non-alphanumeric characters ?





function strip($string){

if ( is_array($this->attributes['SEO_CHAR_CONVERT_SET']) ) $string = strtr($string, $this->attributes['SEO_CHAR_CONVERT_SET']);


$pattern = $this->attributes['SEO_REMOVE_ALL_SPEC_CHARS'] == 'true'

// ? "([^[:alnum:]])+"

// : "([[:punct:]])+";


? "([^[:alnum:]])"

: "/[^a-z0-9- ]/i";


$string = preg_replace('/(('))/', '-', strtolower($string)); //remove apostrophe - not caught by above

//$anchor = preg_replace($pattern, '', mb_convert_case($string, MB_CASE_LOWER, "utf-8"));

$anchor = preg_replace($pattern, '', strtolower($string));

$pattern = "([[:space:]]|[[:blank:]])";

$anchor = preg_replace($pattern, '-', $anchor);

return $anchor; // return the short filtered name

} # end function



But now SEO-G use:



function create_safe_string($string, $separator=SEO_DEFAULT_WORDS_SEPARATOR) {

$string = preg_replace('/\s\s+/', ' ', trim($string));

$string = preg_replace("/[^0-9a-z\-_\/]+/i", $separator, strtolower($string));

$string = trim($string, $separator);

$string = str_replace($separator . $separator . $separator, $separator, $string);

return $string;



function create_safe_name($string, $separator=SEO_DEFAULT_WORDS_SEPARATOR) {

$string = preg_replace('/\s\s+/', ' ', trim($string));

$string = preg_replace("/[^0-9a-z\-_]+/i", $separator, strtolower($string));

$string = trim($string, $separator);

$string = str_replace($separator . $separator . $separator, $separator, $string);


$words_array = explode($separator, $string);

if( is_array($words_array) ) {

for($i=0, $j=count($words_array); $i<$j; $i++) {

if(strlen($words_array[$i]) < SEO_DEFAULT_WORD_LENGTH) {





$string = implode($separator, $words_array);



return $string;





anyone can help to do SEO-G Removes all non-alphanumeric characters code? Thanks!!

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