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Suppliers Product Administration Solution

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Hi All!

This Suppliers Product Administration Solution is really a combination of other contributions that, with a small addition, will make it possible for you to let your supplier's maintain their products on your site themselves.

There is a lot of hard work here if you have a fresh install of osCommerce, but it's a sought after feature.


The supplier will be able to:

- change the properties you want them to. (Including their price to you)

- add their products if you want them to. (You will have to approve and set a selling price for the product yourself though before they go public)

- delete the products they supply if you want them to.


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The only way this mish mash of code could work is on a 100% virgin store....


Thanx for nothing really.

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Hi Martha!

I'm sorry you feel that way...

Like I said, this solution reqiures you have a combination of other contributions to work.


  • Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0
  • Seperate Pricing Per Customer
  • Hide products from customer groups for SPPC
  • Margin Report v1.00

... are fairly well structured and not to difficult to install, although it takes some time.

The remaining lines you have to add will take like ten minutes...


I, and many others, have looked for a contribution on this forum that will let suppliers manage their products in the shop and still letting the shop owner stay in control.

This solution does it, mish mash or not...

Think it's only fair to share.


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I installed all this contribuition, workes great, the idea is very good, but my products have a lot option like color, size.

My suppliers do not have control of the option.

As weell I have 5 suppliers and in some products all the five have the same product. How the computer will get the best price or clossest (maybe be cheaper to send by UPS for exemplo), maybe as well the customer buy couple products and just one supplier have all togueter.

It is a hard task even to do manualy, Some one have idea how do that?

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