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Cannot find the link colors...


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Hey guys, I cannot find what sets the link colors. Right now its the default brownish and it doesn't really fit with my blue-ish color scheme. ;)

I changed EVERY color in the css file and it didn't change it, so it must be set in a file somewhere? Can anyone point me to this, because I can't find it.

Thanks! :blush:


P.S. sorry if this has been discussed before... I couldn't find the answer anywhere.

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ah! thanks so much! Do you happen to know how to make the email used in login not case sensitive? right now if I signed up with my email as [email protected], I would not be able to log in if I typed [email protected]. I think it should be fairly easy to use a toupper or tolower function when it compares email addresses with the database... but I know next to nothing except the bare concepts from a PHP/MySQL book I read a few months ago... so I wouldn't know how to code it.



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It might be some code change you have installed. I just tried logging into one of my sites using capitals in the email address and was able to log in.



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strtoupper() I think is the function (or something like that) - that may be insecure though - I would be weary of changing the log in code -




is where I look at all my php coding for strings.


There are many easy ways to hack a log in - I doubt that it is harmful, but always be super careful and backup before you touch the functions!

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