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return url link from paypal


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I have an oscommerce template with paypal as the payment option.


I am having problems with customers who seem to be closing the tab on paypal and dont return to the store hence I cannot read their orders even though payapl have taken money and issued receipt.


I am told that if I input the redirect url to my oscommerce store from paypals site into ipn in paypal then the redirection script should pick it up.


Here lies the problem. I cannot find the redirect url. Is it a common url like www.mysite.com/thank_you.php ??? if so then I would be grateful if someone could tell me or direct me to exactly where I can find.


Thanks in advance.

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well if You are using paypal ipn hen there is a notify url in its class code.

Just check where your ipn.php(generally in ext folder).



only thing is you need to make sure IPN are coming to that page(some paypal profile setting needed).



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at paypalthey tell about the return url has to have text about the order and paypal info etc.. and if you put the checkout_process as the return it goes to the order completed screen.

According to the ipn contribution even if the cust does not return to the shop the info is still sent back via ipn about the transaction at paypal.

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