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[es/de]configuration and configuration_group translation


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I was proud to find translation of osc admin into german and spanish.

What a surpirse when loging into the admin part and notice that menu and explanation wasn t in my selected language ?

I notice that my :



tables were in english.

Where can i find the spansih and german transaltion of these ?

There s surely a good german / spanish sql translation somewhere.


I would be so happy !

What a work !



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Hello, ddev and everyone,


I have exactly the same problem, we need to set the admin pages completely in spanish and the configuration menu and messages only appear in English.


I have been examining the code and found that there is a directory, admin/includes/boxes, with the php pages that generate the left menu. All the pages are similar but configuration.php, which seems that takes the texts directly from the database, instead of taking it from the language files.


Does anyone know what to do?





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If the language modules are loaded then when you go to the blue front page of the admin look up to the right hand top corner there should be a drop down menu for selecting a language

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Thank you very much for your quick answer Steve, but I had already used this button.


Maybe you can test it yourself: if you choose "Spanish" in the main page, then this page switches to Spanish, that's OK, but if you click on "Mi Tienda" (My Store) or "Configuraci?n" (Configuration), you will see that in the next page, in the left options menu, all the configuration section is in English.


The same happens with german (deutsch).


Any ideas?





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