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Question mark next to price


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Hello All,


I've recently removed the "this product was added to....." from the product listings however, all the prices in the top right hand corner, now have a ? instead of a £ sign i.e ?1800 instead of £1800,


I've checked the usual things, currency etc and that seems all fine....is something related?




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This can somethimes happen after importing the database from a .sql file not exported using OSC (wrong charset used???)! Have you checked the currencies section of the admin site? Correcting the currency symbol here will solve the problem for product prices but previous order totals are saved in another db table and will have to be changed manaully as far as I can see.


Hope this helps,



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Recent phpMyAdmin, PHP and MySQL installations all use utf8 as the default character set. osCommerce uses en-iso-8859-1. When importing an sql file using phpMyAdmin you have to change the character set used when uploading from utf8 to Latin 1 or else you will get what you've got now - ? marks instead of £ signs.


It goes beyond this one problem, including all future customer names with 'foreign' accented characters and country zones (states) with accented characters, so you need to use a permanent solution like the one I have supplied above.


Another, far more permanent, solution is to change the default character set in the language files from en-iso-8859-1 to utf8, and open every single file in a plain text editor which uses utf8 as the default collation and then click 'Save'. Do the same with the oscommerce.sql file and then reinstall the store.


This last suggestion is the more difficult, but it would then allow website owners to use languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc.



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