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Probably a stupid question, but coudln't find answer


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I see you can add the weight, but what's the default weight type? Is it in kilograms? I'm so confused as to what to put. If it is pound and ounces, what format shoudl I put it in?


Also, I am selling shoes, I found you can put in the size chart, and modify the default weight, is there anyway for the shoe to not show an initial price or weight, so when they click, say, size 6 it shows the price and puts in just the weight? or do you have to put a default price and weight and then have it add.


Like i said, my ideal way would be no price showing, default weight to 0, and then when they select a size it will put in the correct price and weight.

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The weight isn't assigned a type. If you put in 3 for the weight, it is assumed to be 3 lbs or 3 Kg's or whatever the weight is setup as in your shipping module. You will need to edit UPS, for example to change it from lbs to kg's, if that is what you need. It is just the text that is being changed though. The weight is still just a number.



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I'm looking in the admin panel, where do I edit this then so it will do this? The shoes are in lbs and ounces, so instead i'm going to convert to kilograms so it's a single number, but how do i set it to kg? Sorry for being a bother, i'm not seeing this, and your help is greatly appreciated :) Any suggestions?

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I looked at some of hte links and i think my version is newer, so it doesn't include the option of that. But i looked in the php for the ups and usps modules and saw it had "lb" in it's variable. Soooo does this mean that whatever I put int he product as the weight, it will be in lbs? (and for ounces, i shoud just divide by 16 and add that onto the lbs, so like 4 lbs 8 oz = 4.5 lbs, if my conversion is correct).


also, is there any way i can test to make sure the shipping is accurate?

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