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how to handle different prices for same item

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We're selling seats on a tour, and the price is different for students and adults.


I inherited this shopping cart from a previous developer, who chose to use options to handle the two different prices for tickets. Though I don't see any better way to handle different prices for an item with a fixed quantity, I seem to be unable to get this arrangement to work for me. Here are my two issues:


Propbem 1) Changing Quantity In Cart...


The system is set up now with the base cost as $0.00 and each option holds the actual cost. My problem with this method, is that he didn't just have two options, student and parent, he set up an option for each seat on the tour, and named them "number of students:1", "number of students:2", etc, with each price being a multiple of the cost.


Say a user selects the tour they want, chooses one student seat and one adult seat and clicks "add to cart" but then decides to add another student, well he can't do it using the "quantity" input box on the shopping_cart page, because that will just multiply his previous selection, not change the options.


Problem 2) Out of Stock...


The system is set up with each Item having a quantity of 0 and there are enough options for each seat on the tour. But, my job is to make sure that users can see how many seats are left before buying tickets, and then update the remaining quantity after purchase.


Say there are only 10 seats on a tour. After 2 seats are purchased (one student and one adult) I now need to remove options "number of students:9", "number of students:10", "number of adults:9", "number of adults:10" from the item. This seems like overkill, there should be a better way that would remove 2 from the Quantity of the item... am I overlooking a simpler way to handle this?


Any help Appreciated!


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