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Mysql Questions!!!


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Ok here's a question:


Fact 1:

I'm running a clustering enviorment with two linux boxes. To different physical IP address so that I can have redudancy and high availabilty running OS Commerece.


Fact 2: OS Commerece functions on both boxes


Fact 3: OS commerece on box 1 works correctly when populating the manufacters category description with any informatoin and displays fine.


On box 2, when populating the database through the admin interface, the variables I'm afraid don't pass through the value's all the way through. I've taken the same code from both boxes and it works on one but not the other.


After it so called inserts the information through, it list a folder but not the TEXT description. ???? What's wrong here? Is the table getting corrupted somehow?



Fact 4: The common denominator is the php code is the identical, but the difference is the MYSQL database.


When I manualy insert the data in the mysql database, it will display fine but and so I deconstructed the code to see where might be the problem but im blind cuz i've spent 2 days on this.


I've enabled logging sessions so that I can view the log views to verify that the code on box 2 is actually passing info through and it is.


So my real question is , what should i be looking for in MYSQL to have it spit out errors or is the tables themselves getting corrupted somehow?




Help me Community!



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Mark Evans

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