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Orders not being reported in admin... HELP!


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Just discovered an issue with orders not being reported in admin. I think it's traced to the recent upgrade of my MySQL client to 4.1.20 by my host... at first I was getting a 1064 MySQL error (see thread HERE.). I fixed that error in admin. Now, in order for an order to show up as "Preparing Paypal IPN" (or at all) they have to already be in the database.


In other words, if I create a fictional person and take an order all the way to the first paypal page, nothing shows up in orders, even though the fictional person shows up in the customer database. I then log in as that fictional person, make a second order, and voila, there is the newly received second order... no first order to be found.


I know I have an older version of Paypal IPN. Would newer versions deal with this? I can't downgrade my MySQL client, unfortunately. I'm flopping around here, getting into the meat of my sales season, and am in trouble. Can anyone help?



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