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On the Fly Thumbnailer using GD Library - 1.5


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I installed this awhile back and I'm just seeing if I can make it a little more useful. As far as I know, it only thumbnails product images? Is there a way to have it thumbnail other images as well? I install the "all manufacturers" contrib and it has allot of images and none of them seem to be getting thumbnailed. When I select "save image as" on a product's image, it appears like "product_thumb.php.jpg", but on the mfg page, it just says the filename (eg "compaq.jpg").


On the all manufacturers page, there is a random image for the featured products contrib I installed. The featured product image is thumbnailed, but the mfg images on the same page are not.


Also I'm having a little quirk with transparency. I have a few images that use transparency that aren't transparent when thumbnailed. Just wondering if there is an update that adds transparency to version 1.5 (last official version by creator?).


And one last thing, if there isn't a way to add transparency, is there a way to tell the thumbnailer not to thumbnail those images? I use xampp to test the site before I upload it and my xampp and host gd library versions are the same. I tried adding:


		//don't calculate transparent pics
	if ((strstr($image,'pixel') == false || strstr($image,'pixel') == false) ||
		 (strstr($image,'arrow') == false || strstr($image,'arrow') == false)) {
		$dont_calculate = 0;
	} else {
		$dont_calculate = 1;
		echo $image;


to html_output.php file below the "// Don't calculate if the image is set to a "%" width" code, but it only seems to work on the xampp install. The only pics I have on my site with transparency have the word "pixel" or "arrow" in the filename. For some reason, this is being ignored by the webhost but works in xampp. Perhaps someone here can shed some light?



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