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The e-commerce.

PHP 4.2.3 compatibility


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Anyone know of any osCOmmerce compatibility issues that would give me problems if I upgrade to PHP 4.2.3 ?????


4.2.3 is very buggy I would recommend on not using it.

Mark Evans

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Which settings in php.ini do I need to change if I use 4.2.2?

I believe that one is the global variables setting....



From what I recall (it was a while back)...






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I am working into a server with version PHP 4.2.3

I installed the os Commerce 2.2 CVS and all is good.

Only a problem:

2 images not appear.

They are the image of "What's New? and of "Revews".

Please help me.

To control the bug go to:


I think that there is a consistent bug.

The problem is evident also in 2 installations of a friend of mine that work into the same server with PHP 4.2.3.

See the following urls:




Do you think that it is incompatibility with PHP 4.2.3 ?


Thanks in advance.

Filippo Eduardo Araniti

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I had the same problem, I found that if you manualy enter the image into the box it creates or over writes the original, use the browse button and do it again, if you look in the directory at the image you will probably find it is at a zero byte count.


not a problem with PHP 4.2.3 as I run this on 2 servers with no problems at all.


again, check your images sizes! and don't manualy select the image, ie; input it by hand, use the browse button.


worked for me..

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