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I'm having some trouble with a site I set up recently. Approximately every other day I am getting at least one mysql connection error. It happened while I was on the site once (or else I would never have known about the problem) so I decided to trap and handle the error gracefully by displaying a much nicer message than "no mysql connection error " as well as send an email to me when it happens so I can monitor them (if anyone is interested check my posts for the simple code change). It's not like I'm getting 1000 visitors an hour, at any given time I might have 2 customers browsing so I'm not exhausting the database. But...I am on a shared server with 700 max connections allowed. So I could potentially have in theory (just being crazy) 100 mysql databases running on that one instance that is only allowed 700 connections...and now add a few users to each site...where does that leave me?

All of that leads to the question...mysql_pconnect or not? Am I wrong in understanding that p connect means persistent connection so every request does not require another connection to the database? If so then why would anyone opt NOT to use pconnect? I would appreciate any comments / suggestions.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post!

Kind Regards,


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You didn't say if you were using pconnect. I have read that mysql_pconnect can cause you to run out of database connections because each one is kept open.


Sorry about that. I an not using pconnect now, but was considering it. I do understand it keeps the connection open, but is it one connection for each customer and how long would the connection(s) stay open? I imagine it would have to time out eventually or close itself.


Thanks for the reply!


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