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Nochex NightMERE!!


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I have enabled the nochex payment option and i have received a few payments from customers from my web site using nochex so i know it works. but it mails me with a different order number and the email address they signed up with is there A VERY EASY WAY to add some more detail with the nochex payment like customer name. Also when i click on orders the nochex orders dont show HELP ME PLEASE!!!! :oops:

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I know what you mean a real nightmare.


Maybe if the Nochex module could put the transaction number in to the comments field or something that would help.


Another nightmare is that Nochex now has ?90 limit for normal accounts, I think I will drop that payment method soon.

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I don't think the ?90 limit is set in stone. I haven't used my NoChex account for some time, but I received the ?90 limit email. I then received another one saying the limit had been removed from my account. I got the impression they have standard accounts set at ?90, and other ones (business I imagine) with a higher limit (not sure what though).


Though having said that....the biggest problem I had with them (and why I stopped using it) is that they wouldn't allow payment to a bank account. This renders it useless for business accounts, who don't have (and can't) get a debit card.


They were on about changing this but I haven't seen anything yet.



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