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Hi folks, first post so bear with me please.


I run a site that sells spare parts, obviously there are many, many thousands of these and it is impractical to list them all in any store. So, what we do when we get "one-offs" is we create a PayPal link for the customer to buy a special order part or parts.


This isn't exactly convenient for us or the customer and I'd far rather be pointing them to the shop and allowing the customer to add items or edit what quantities they want etc. without having to recreate a PayPal link every time. Asides from which there's PayPal's charges and the limitation of payment method, so it's far from ideal.


I have scoured the forums looking for something that can do this using OSC but can't find anything, the closest being a module by Holbi but even that doesn't do what I need it to do.


So the question is, has anyone ever seen something that can do this, even if it's not free I'd be willing to take a look at it or is there something that can be adapted to suit?





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Hi there, I am experienceing the same issue where I have customised items that I provide quotes on and then have to do something similar to allow a checkout.


Something like a "quote to order" module or contrib would be really useful. I have also scoured for a long time but cannot see anything.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



You will never learn if you don't try. And boy am I trying....!

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Hi Paul,


That's exactly what I've been calling this when looking for it, "quote-to-order"!


I was actually surprised that there seems not to be something available, after all if PayPal can do it it can't be that hard can it? :lol:


It would be an incredibly useful tool for many sites I reckon, the likes of a PC system quote could be delivered by email with a simple "Buy Now" (for lack of a better term) link or button in the mail to populate the cart with the desired items or spec.



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