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Error i shipping module - Please Help


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Hi, Im in trouble...I cannot get my shipping module to work, if i for example use the table method (its the same with the others), i get these error messages in my pay-module on my website:


I step 1: Warning: Division by zero /hsphere/local/home/jesperbr/produktspecialisten.dk/oscommerce_st/catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 61


if i go further i get this message:

Warning: Division by zero in /hsphere/local/home/jesperbr/produktspecialisten.dk/oscommerce_st/catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 61 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /hsphere/local/home/jesperbr/produktspecialisten.dk/oscommerce_st/catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php:61) in /hsphere/local/home/jesperbr/produktspecialisten.dk/oscommerce_st/catalog/includes/functions/general.php on line 29


Can any one help me....



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I have the same problem. I've done some searches and the suggestions are to ensure the weight of the item is > 0, which I have done but still get the problem.


Please can someone help with this? It's quite urgent because it's stopping me from going live with the shop.



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OK, I've solved this but it's a cheat. It appears that the code concerned determines if the shipment should be split up into multiple boxes depending on the weight. This is not an issue with my store, so I just deleted the code block and it worked:


Backup the shop using the backup tool in the admin screen

navigate to the "/var/www/catalog/includes/classes" directory

backup the shipping.php file (you can never have too many backups)


Remove (or better still, comment out) the following lines:


if ($shipping_weight > SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT) { // Split into many boxes

$shipping_num_boxes = ceil($shipping_weight/SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT);

$shipping_weight = $shipping_weight/$shipping_num_boxes;



Test this and if all is OK make another backup using the backup tool.


Someone who knows PHP or some basic programming should be able to suggest a better solution, this is a hack.

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