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Force login / registration before adding to cart?


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Hi all,

I have a small(ish) problem with 2 possible solutions - if someone adds a product to their cart before

logging in / registering, the custom attribute of personalised text gets truncated at the checkout to 32 characters. If the customer is logged in before adding the product to the cart, with their personalised text, it appears in full - up to 255 characters (which is what it's supposed to be!).

My options are these -


1. Find a way to pass the correct text value from the visitors to the members cart - no idea how to do this, have searched high & low through it and can't see why it might be doing this. Maybe someone can help...?


2. Force a user to login / register before they can add something to the cart - obviously not the best method out of the 2, but would acheive the desired result.


Can anyone help with either of these two solutions?


Yours frustratedly



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