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Problems installing duplicate store on another server

Astonished Man

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I have an implementation of oscommerce that is working quite well with several modifications made including master/slave products, category descriptions, and more. I wanted to set up another store on another server with all the same features my current site has. It will just have different products. So I copied the catalog folder to my other server, changed the config file and set up / uploaded the database structure.


Got errors.


So I tried to go through the install.php without having it create the database and on the last step got this error:


"The configuration files do not exist, or permission levels are not set.


Please perform the following actions:


* cd /home/cypressc/public_html/catalog/includes/

* touch configure.php

* chmod 706 configure.php"


config.php is there and the permissions are set to 777, as well as the install directory (777). And I can't get past this.



How can I get around this. I really don't want to have to install the basic set up and then redo the mods one at a time again. I just want to duplicate what I have in my other store.


Any Ideas????

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Well, I'm not sure what I did, but I fixed it. I changed the "store_sessions" variable to mysql and re-uploaded my config file and tried to access the front page of the store and it the page came up (before I was getting a page full of errors). It alerted me that my install file was still there and my configure.php was writable so I corrected all that and it worked.


Then when I tried to access my admin it wouldn't connect. I had forgotten about the configure.php file within the admin. So I entered all that stuff and I think I'm there. That may have been the file with the permission problem.


If anyone else runs into this check the permissions of both configure.php files because it has to write to both of them.

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