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Donation For Non-Profits Feature


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It appears that that there has been some discussion on this topic in the past but no REAL solutions presented. I have heard the PAYPAL donation button which may work for some but not my clients. :?


So I am opening up a discussion about the impact of this on the overall application. This has to be developed on my end but I want to help the project out as well and donate this feature back to the project. Therefore, I am asking for input on how to approach this. I can take the current version and modify it the wrong way and have a branch in the development

OR I can take the current version and modify the right way. I would prefer the latter- it helps everybody!:wink:


So I see this feature being needed by my clients but it really appears as though this feature will be VERY pervasive throughout TEP. That is, it will touch every page, have to be included in the checkout process (so a customer can both shop and donate in 1 session) and use the customer database. It also should have options: ltithe, offerings, disaster fund,etc,etc. If a client doesn't need this feature, then it is turned off in the admin page and all of its details are disabled.


This type of feature is like a product that has no shipping, no stock, no quantity (the $1 per item idea is a kludge). A customer should be able to go DIRECTLY to the donation page from outside the store as well as inside. If the customer goes from inside the store the cart shouldn't disappear.


Those are the requirements so far- Any input is welcome and thanked!


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