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The e-commerce.

OK Ive got a tough one for you guys


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First off I want to start off by saying how great this community is. I havnt seen one flame yet, and you guys really helped me with my last problem.

But onto the problem:

What I need to do is convert an import another product database into my current one. Thats not a problem. What I dont know how to do though is add other attributes to a product. I am making a bookstore and what I need to be able to do is make and area for authors name and Isbn. The two fields are as importants as the title itself. PLus they have to be seperated because I cant merge all that information from the other database into just the description. They need to be serchable by either of the catagories also. So! Any ideas?

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I would use the product_model field for the ISBN. It is always going to be unique. And I would use the Manufacturer setup for the author's name. No attributes needed if you do this (unless the book might be offered in hard or soft cover) :)


Just my .02 before you try to reinvent the wheel :)



It's all just ones and zeros....

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