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manufacturer?s box


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Hello there ?


I am not sure if this is possible or how it would be done if it is ? but I have to ask.


1) Is there a way to make the manufacturer?s box an expandable table like the categories box?

2) Is it also possible to have the categories listed under each of the manufacturer?s that have products within those cats?

3) I would also like to get rid of the drop down box that shows above the images and change it to the way the categories show for the subs.


I ask this because my site is an art gallery ? the categories are as such. Framed Prints, Prints, Stationery, Greeting Cards and so forth ? the manufacturer?s are the artist?s. When you select an artist you get all of the products by that artist ? but I want them left in categories and sub cats, instead of all jumbled together.


Oh, btw ? I am using the OSC 2.2 snapshot version. Thanks for any help on this!!!

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ok ... I finally found the answer to number 3 above. Only because I was simply trying different things to see how it changed the layout. To get rid of it I changed the value for Display Category/Manufacturer Filter (0=disable; 1=enable) to 0 within my admin under product listing. Just in case someone else would like to know :)


I still would really like to know how to change the manufacturers box to be like the category box ... any help would be great!


Thanks again in advance

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