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Some will know this some wont, if there is any thing any one can add to this feel free.


Step 1.


Research your keywords. A good way to do this is using the google sand box, pay close attention to what you better ranking competetors are doing and what key they are using. To see this, go to there web site click 'view' top menu and go to 'page souce'. there it will tell you what key words they are optomising and how they have generated there meta tags. using the wrong keywords may mean the differnce between a million dollar site and complete faliure.


Try not to go for big keywords to start with, for example: insted of something like 'weight loss' go for 'weight loss help' or 'weight loss how' witch wont have as much competion but still give you good trafic.


step 2.


Meta tags. this includes you keywords that you found in step 1. make sure you use the keywords in your page title. Keep page titles down to as little words as possible as google will put more weight on them. I.E 'this page is a a great stop if your intrested in weight loss' is not good, some thing much better would be 'weight loss, how & why?' You site description will not make any differnce in how google ranks you site but its very important to capture the attention of potential traffic. keep it well written and dont spam your keywords here.


step 3


content. Although it is tempting to use spammy keywords in your desciption, dont. keep eveything well written. Always ask your self wheather you would be writing what you are writing if search engines did not exist. If you are, dont do it. When you do use your keywords make them bold using the <b> </b> tags. Google will see you have put importance on these words and will rank you better as a result. Use ALT tags on your images, this is a good way to get extra content in your site, this is especially handy for oscommerce sites as test is usually limited in e-commece sites. Keep them well writen and descriptive. A good example would be 'weight loss home' for you headder image. Use headder tags <h1> etc, and carefully place your keywords with in these.


step 4.


The MOST important factor is off page optimization. This means who is linking to your site. Get this right and you have won. Ill keep this to the point:

Anchor text. The most important part of the actual link. There is no use having this:




This just tells the search engne you site is about 'click here'! try it, type click here into google and see what comes up, also note how many pages contain that phrase. Why do you think the sites that come up have come up for that phrase?


So for your anchor text you need to have your keywords, not an action, like this:



This tells google my site is about cheap cd duplication and will give more relevancy for it. So keep your keywords in you anchor text and have a action in the description 'great value as standard' or 'click here' if you want.


Get as many link partners as you can, its generally better to have the link comming from a relevant site, ie another site that deals in cd duplication. However as long as you have good anchor text ALL links are very beneficial.


If you can get 1 way links, all the better! but again 2 way links are great!



Both have good page rank and we welcome all links. Hope this help any if any one can add some more words of wisdom or tips and tricks feel more than free too!


have a great day - Ollie

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